Yavapai Casino

Here we are up on the big hill looking down at the Yavapai Casino & Cantina. Where I am standing now is called “The Prescott Resort” & “Bucky’s’ Casino”. That is Highway 69 down there that we are getting a birds eye view of as well. They have got some really good lunch specials, so I have been trying some of them out.

You can check them out on the web if you like here: Yavapai & Bucky’s Casino then click on the Dining tab. This gives you the specials of the day & week for both places. As the specials change, I will probably just keep adding them to the bottom of the page, as they really are good in price, and the food is really good itself.

Here is a “Drive By Shooting” of the front of the building.


OK, lets stop chatting about all these specials and lets get busy eating. Hey, this is a for sure bet! Where else can you plunk down $4, get a penny in return plus a really good lunch special! Yeah, you can’t eat at Mc D’s or any where else for a measly $4. Oh, and there is no charge for the Cokes!


Thursday’s special was a BBQ Sandwich with Fries and a complementary Coke. Er, Diet Coke! This was a really good BBQ Sandwich, and you can bet I will be getting this every week that they have it on the special board.


Saturdays special was awesome! Green Chili Cheeze Burgers! Can you see that hunk of Green Chili? Not just some little pieces that you have to look for, but a whole Green Chili. I got this one with Cheddar Cheeze.


Lets “Pop The Hood” as they say so you can take a look at that beautiful Green Chili! This was lunch.


For supper break, I can back and got another one the same day, but I got Pepper Jack Cheeze on this one. Not sure which was better, but this Green Chili looked a bit on the Orange/Red side. No matter, it was still delicious. Oh, and I will be getting this $3.99 special every week that it is available as well.


Here is the Wednesday “2 Sliders for $2” special. It looks like a little sausage patty sitting on there, but it is not. These things were really good. However, the cook did get a bit upset with me. Why would he be upset with me? Well, because he is not following healthy guide lines which I know he was taught when he got his food handlers card/license.

So the hub-bub was something really minor, on his part. The lady that normally takes the money was not there, and to keep me from waiting, he come up and took my order, took my money and then went back to cook my food. No big deal, right? The cooks and food preparers wear plastic gloves. This is to protect the consumer for the most part, or so I thought.

So, he comes up, with his plastic gloves on, takes my dirty filthy money, as we have no idea where people put it, and then goes back to cook my food! What?!?! What are you thinking? I really did not want to make a scene, so I did leave, but I said no, I am not going to be put through this. I am 100% in the right, and he needs to get his act together.

So I went back to the window and talked to the lady. The response I got out of her was not a good one, as she had no idea why they wore gloves! What!?!?! Are we all on the same planet? You have no Idea why? Did you not go through the “Food Handlers Course”?

So, I told her what he had done, and they took the food and tossed it, he changed his gloves and proceded to cook some more sliders for me. Geez, I wonder what else is going on back there in the kitchen that we DON”T see!

I saw the $3.99 special for the “Chicken Fried Steak” on the board, so I thought I just had to try it. However, I did not take my eyes off the kitchen while things were being prepared. What a great little meal this was. I gobbled it all up and headed right back to work. I would definitely do this little meal again, and if you like “Chicken Fried Steak”, this is the place in town to get it.