My Condo on Wheels

1987 Dodge Camper Van – My “Condo” on Wheels, or “C.O.W.” for short. Please, don’t call it a heifer.

The Rust Holes have been fixed and repainted before I left for Arizona.

Driver Side View to the interior – No stereo in the dash at this time. I have a Sony CD deck with USB and IPOD inputs for some future heart stopping/pounding sound therapy.


Back door view of the Bed/Dinette set up. I replaced the carpet and the wood structure.


Passenger Side Looking In – I replaced the carpet there in the middle, and the 2 back seats have been removed to make more room for “Stuff”. I am putting a shower in there as well, just in case.


Kitchen – I have added a microwave to the counter top since this picture was taken.


Toilet – Not a lot of room, but it will work. I replaced the carpet and some wood floor around it. The tank needs to be replace, as it leaks!


Interior Looking Forward – The 2 rear seats have been removed for more “Stuff”. Dash is set up to accept my Sony CD deck.

For more updates on the van updates and interior make over, check out the “Van Improvements” section.