This used to be an old Pizza Hut that is now converted into a Mexican Restaurant. The first time there I was really hungry so I got the Carne Asada Plate and a Chilli Relleno. The Chilli Relleno was great, and I have been back several times to get it. The Shredded Beef Tacos are great as well. However, the Carne Asada had a different story.

I just spent $14.90 on what you see below. The pepper was awesome, and the Carne Asada was really good, but it was just so salty I thought it was going to make my head explode from driving up my blood pressure. Geez, not going to do that again. However, I do want to try their Shrimp Fajitas someday.


OK, lets get a bit closer to see all the goodness. Can you see all that salt? Yeah, me neither, but I can assure you, they must have put the whole salt shaker on my portion. The beans and rice are really good as well.


Here is the wonderful pepper. This is the best one in town, and I have tried most of the places so far. They cook it correct, with cheese on the inside and dipped in whipped egg whites and deep fried. If you have never had a Chilli Relleno, then you simply just don’t know what you are missing.

Here is the next disappointment. I just spent $15.00 and you do not get any chips! WHAT! No Chips? What kind of place is this? I thought I went to a Mexican Restaurant. He said you have to buy the chips – Extra! So I am thinking that the next time I should just bring in some “Scoops” and dig into the salsa bar anyway. Some of them look really good too.


I went back to Alfonzo’s here in Mid April and got the Shrimp Fajitas. Man, are they good, but not as good as the ones you can get at “Casa Sanchez“. Casa Sanchez has the best Mexican Food in town, so far. I have not been to all of them yet, but I am making my way around the block. For a bit under $11.00, you just can’t hardly go wrong.