Half Pound Laguna Burger – Laguna, NM

Sunday, 26 December 2010 – By Bernie

Laguna, NM is off I-40. Not sure which exit, but just look for those huge billboards that advertise “The Home Of The Half Pound $3.99 Laguna Burger”. I have only had this 1/2 pound goodie twice. I will say that it is like one of the best burgers I have ever put in my mouth, so if you are ever on I-40 in NM, you gotta stop and get at least one!

Check out those huge balls of meat! She “Smashes” it down a bit and then puts some secret “Dust” on it. I asked what the secret ingredient was, but I was declined that secret. It is apparently on a “Need To Know” basis, and I obviously, in their eyes, did not need to know.

Laguna_Burger_1My burger was already done when I took this picture. Those 2 meat ball goodies were for Greg and Marci. This was their first time here, and they where in a nice truck and 5th wheel travel trailer. They had been in CO for about the last 5 months or so, and they was headed to Phoenix, AZ. She is a traveling nurse, and he had just sold his lumber company so they could do some traveling. I hope they are doing good. Brother Greg, drop me an email sometime and let me know. I would love to stay in touch.

OK, now lets take a look at those huge meat balls a bit on the “Smashed” side. WOW!!! Can you smell it yet? Have I mentioned that these burgers are awesome!!! Look at all the super secret dust on top! That has to be the secret to such goodness.

Laguna_Burger_2Here is the result. The bun is buttered and put on the grill next to the burger grill, and it is so soft and yummy. The fries are real taters! Look at those skins. No powdered stuff here. When she drops these in the cooker, the water coming out of those taters makes a lot of noise and bubbling for a while. Oh, did I mention how good these Laguna Burgers are??

Laguna_Burger_3Oh, sorry. I think I should give you a look “Under The Hood” as they say. Check out those grilled onions and pickles.

Laguna_Burger_4Greg and Marci got their delicious meat burgers with green chili. Oh man, that sounds so good. I said I will have to try that next time. Well, the lady heard us talking, and she cooked me up some green chili right away. Sorry, but I had some greasy fingers when they arrived, so I can’t share that extra good topping with you this time. I will get that next time, if I ever get back that way. Hey, have I mentioned how good these Laguna Burgers are??? They are “Out Of This World Good!!!”

If you want to remember this exciting adventure, perhaps a souvenir T-Shirt would be in line for you. Check it out. Sorry it is a bit blurry. Seams like I just can’t hold the camera still.

It says: “Laguna Burger Is It The Beef Or Is It The Love

Laguna_Burger_ShirtOK, I can say that this has got to be my favorite burger in the world. Hum, have I mentioned yet how great they taste? I have even thought about moving over to Laguna, NM just so I can get this awesome artery clogging treat at least once a week. Hum, daily is probably more in line for this “Burger Boy”.