Free Condiments, Napkins and Plastic Ware

Saturday, 06 November 2010 – By Bernie

Here is a way to stretch your dollar, and not have to put things in the cooler to take up room for your other goodies. I do like ice cold drinks, so I save all the cooler space I can for: Water, Milk, Slim Fast, Pickles, Cheese Sticks, Meat and the occasional sodas, BBQ Sauce & Salad Dressing Bottles.

Ketchup & Mustard are all non refrigerated items using this pre-packaged technique. Yeah, when you go to Mc D’s, or Jack in the Box, or where ever, always ask for your favorite condiment in the package. I really don’t know if I want to trust the ketchup dispenser out in the lobby, which is not refrigerated anyway. By asking every time to get something to eat, you will build up a stash of prepackaged, non-refrigerated condiments for your simple and mobile lifestyle. Oh, Jack in the Box even has some “Hot Sauce” for pick up, just like Del Taco and Taco Bell.

Pilot is a good find, as all the Mustard, Ketchup, Mayo, Relish, sugar, salt & pepper and not sure what all is right there for your using. You will find them right under the microwaves most of the time. Now, I am not saying to take the whole tray! 🙂 Just take an extra pack, or 2, or 3, just in case you run out.

Oh, and you will want to make sure you “Rotate” your stock, so you eat the oldest first. I am not sure what the self life is, so lets just be cautious, and thrifty with our finds. I always try to get my BBQ at Mc D’s, but they are not to hip about giving any of that stuff away. I use it to dip my fries in, as it is better, and not out of that disposer in the lobby.

No matter where you go, always pick up some extra napkins. You just never know when one of those free Ketchup packs may explode! Since there are very few places that hand out the napkins, put a nice little stack in your “To Go” bag as you leave.

Wendy’s is good about this, as I put in a few napkins, and right there is forks, spoons and knives. Hey, you never know when you are going to drop one of those important items, or perhaps you get one that is a bit defective and it breaks when you are eating your morning cereal. So, while you are getting a few extra napkins, get a few extra utensils, and perhaps some salt and pepper if needed.

I also really like their chili, so I always ask for 5 or 6 packs of crackers. Most of the time, I get it with out hesitation. These are great little snacks while you are rolling down the road, or for when you make chili in your very own “12 Volt Cooker.” Hum, could also be useful in Meat Loaf as well.

I have actually got A-1 sauce in those little packets before, but I can’t remember where. Hum, if anyone knows, please share. That saves from placing A-1 in the cooler taking up room. I really like that on my steaks when I can BBQ out. However, with trucking, that is not very often.

Squeeze butter is so nice, as well as my favorite Grape Jelly for “PBJ” sandwiches, but it all has to be refrigerated as well. So, just as well pick up some butter and jelly packs when you are in the right restaurant and they are on the table. DQ often has them sitting out in the morning during breakfast, and most truck stops have them sitting there if it is a sit down place. If they are not sitting on the table, just ask and they will bring a cute little bundle of prepackaged jellies in different flavors.