No More ATM Fees!

Tuesday, 07 September 2010 – By Bernie

I can remember a visit to the local truck stop when I was in IN, and I was needing some cash. Not sure why I needed cash, because I had my debit/ATM card. When you are in the big rig, many times your options of getting around are limited so you just have to take what comes your way. Anyway, I headed to the ATM machine and pushed some numbers and got the transaction processing.

Things where going really good until it wanted a crazy sur charge of $3.50, or $4.50 or something ridiculous. Geez, I thought I was going to have to take out a second mortgage just to pay that fee to get some cash that was mine to start with. Well, I had to bite the bullet and spend all that money on a sur charge instead of a happy meal at McDonalds.

Well, I have never had to do that again, and here is why. What I do now, since I go shopping out on the road every once in a while to pick up some goods, is that I make sure it is Wally World. At the time I am checking out, I simply push the “DEBIT” button and then I get an option to get cash back! VIOLA! Problem solved. I normally always get the most they will allow, which from what I have seen, is $100.00. If I need more, I simply break my shopping spree into multiple trips in and out of the store.

I have also done this at CVS, which had a maximum cash back of $35.00. Hey, $35.00 a few times adds up to a lot of happy meals! Seems like about any grocery store that takes the debit card will give you cash back, so avoid the ATM machines that want to rip you off! This will help you eat better!