No More Water & Sewer Bills

Tuesday, 07 September 2010 – By Bernie

Back in IN, our minimum water/sewage bill is right at $50. That is the minimum, so if your full of it, then your bill goes up! OK, so with the current set up with an RV, there is holding tanks for water as well as your sewage. Flying J is extremely traveler friendly. They have the water fills, propane refill and sewage dumps. While you are there, just as well get something to drink or eat. Flying J knows that most folks will come in and spend some money if they can entice them in with a freebie.

Also, as you are traveling on the Interstates, many rest areas have sewage dumps. If there is a charge, it is probably minimal and should not break the bank. However, FREE is always a good price and you can always wait and try to find a freebie.

For the desert dweller, I am willing to bet that a thirsty cactus would really enjoy a drink, so why not be “Green” and recycle. Go ahead and feed a cactus or bush!

Here is a listing of the larger truck stops, and you can almost always find a safe place to stay the night. Actually, most of them you can stay there for about as long as you want. There is no hook ups, but when your dry camping / boondocking, or just looking for a safe haven for the night, there is no need for hookups.

Flying J


T A – Travel Centers Of America



Sapp Brothers

Bossel Man