My Babies

Sunday, 26 December 2010 – By Bernie

Here is the original pic I had on this page. However, I have found a few more pics so I thought I would add them below.


Millie & Max

Here are a few pics from Howl-oween. Just look at that beautiful “Doggy Fashion Show”. Max loves to wear clothes, but Millie likes to be a bit more on the “Natural” side.

Here is Max with his insulated Bomber Jacket I bought for him on cold days out “Taking Care Of Business”! It is a bit tight on him.


Man, I am “Fang-Tastic”! Daddy bought this nice outfit for me at Wally World. Wasn’t that nice of him?


Hum, do we look like twins? I can’t believe Millie wanted me to wear her get-up.


Who’s idea was this?


Oh, this is so much better. I just love my little pink bows. Does this pose make me look sexy?


Perhaps you like this profile better?


How about this angel? Hey, look, there is daddy up on the wall! He’s the best!!! Sure miss em.


Hey, my nose is cold. Turn the heat on in the chair!


Is there a breeze in here? My butt feels really chilly.


Daddy, your not going to eat that last cup cake, are you? I would be more than happy to help you out!


Here, let me keep it warm for you. I know you like your food hot!


Hum, need more heat. Here, how’s this? Daddy, you are going to share your last cup cake with us, right? Don’t you still love us??? I’ll sit right here and let you know if mommy heads this way. There just ain’t enough for the 4 of us.


Hey, when is the fashion show over? I would like to keep a nice warm little outfit on, pleaze!


Did someone say “We Are Going For A Walk”?


Am I beautiful or what? Check out this stunning pose for the local “Doggie Calendar”.


Oh, wait a minute. How about this one instead?


Geez, I am pooped watching for all the new people to come in and buy some candy. Hey, lets go see if mommy dropped any somewhere. She knows we are really good vacuum cleaners, especially when it comes to chocolate and peanut butter!! Yeppiiieeeeeee, there is a loose piece in the corner.