My Trip to the Philippines – Part 1- “Negros Oriental”

Chicago to Hongkong
Nothing Stopping Me – Hell or High Water as they say, or Snow and Ice – I Am Headed To The Philippines!!!

February 24, 2016 – At Chicago, O’Hare International Airport

Wow, I am excited to go to visit the Philippines, that is on the other side of the planet, about 8,000 miles away. I really never thought I would be able to go visit such a beautiful and warm place during the course of my life, especially this time of year.

However, in Chicago, the weather is not cooperating as it is snowing/sleeting and the plane is getting iced over. However, the de-icing crew showed up and sprayed us with chemicals so we could finally depart before all the cancelled flights in and out of the airport got under way.

On a Plane going to the Philippines

Even though it is raining and snowing, and I am stressing a bit from the fear of the cancellation gong going off, I still had faith in the de-icing crew and the pilots to set me free, as no one can stop me going to the Philippines.

First part of the route was the longest from Chicago to Hong Kong. I ended up buying some head phones at the airport, which of course was a bargain at over $25, which you can get at Walmart for about $5, and 3 cookies for a snack to keep the hungry monster away and the sugar up which were $3 each I think.

Food in the Plane 1

Food in the plane 2
Shrimp Something-or-ruther-thingy

Food on the plane was pretty good and enjoyable. Got up several times for more snacks and drinks, which made me full and sleepy, as I had been up about 2 days already getting to the airport and watching my back and my luggage. LOL

I started plenty early from Fort Wayne, IN, as I rode the Grey Hound Bus from Ft. Wayne, IN, to Chicago, IL. Then, I figured out it was pretty reasonable to ride the train the rest of the way to the airport – if you don’t value your life! HAHAHAHA

A bit scary at first, but, you kinda get use to the underground life! LOL  Chicago, O’Hare International Airport is HUGE, and pretty easy to get confused, but, just keep studying the signs and you will be just fine! Of course, a tip for all airports – Don’t Go In There Hungry! – Food is so dang expensive and food stamps or I Owe You’s are not accepted! LOL

Hongkong to Manila

Hongkong to Manila

After I forgot how many hours of flying, I think about 17, I arrived at Hong Kong International Airport late at night, and as usual, I am roaming around looking for something to eat to keep the hungry monster way after what seemed to be a 10 mile hike from my entrance to the next departure gate! HAHAHAA

Well, it is really late, and nothing open but a little shop with soda pop, chips, diabetic non-friendly candy and goodies, and microwave junk, but, when you are hungry, even a diabetic will give in and eat what ever and take that risk of going into a diabetic coma!!!

Have about a 12 hour delay here in Hong Kong and then off to the next flight to Manila, which is the capital of the PHILIPPINES. Wow, Manila is such a busy place, and you can get about what ever you need or want there.

I was cruising the airport again in Manila, looking at all the yum yumz to eat! Hum, seems like I never get completely filled, eh? LOL  I thought I was going to starve to death there, in the ocean of all those goodies, as no one would take the good ole American Green Backs! 🙁

Debit card did not work, so, I was thinking it was time to make my sign:

Will Work For A Sugar Rush!
Will Work For A Sugar Rush!

Have no fear, as with all those yum yumz just wanting to make their way to my belly, I went down to the ground floor to a money exchanger and then headed back upstairs to again try to make a wise selection. What do you know, Jolly Bee and Spicy Chicken won out, and what a great choice it was, as a diabetic can get a bit tired of hiking for miles dragging all that junk.

In the Philippines, I guess those people don’t drink near as much as a 6 footer, as the cups were really small, and no refills there like in the USA. Oh well, it is an adventure that was wonderful and it is great to experience other cultures.

Manila to Dumaguete

Arrived at  Ninoy Aquino International Airport, Manila, Philippines, then proceed to the last flight which is Manila, to Dumaguete. Only about an 8 hour delay on this one I think at Manila, but, I was doing pretty good, as I got to lay down on the flight to Hong Kong.

Somehow, it was not a busy flight, and the 2 seats next to me were empty, so I laid down and got some sleep. No, a 6 foot guy is not really laying down, but, I did get to stretch out a little bit compared to being a full house. Maybe next time, I will go first class, so I can stretch out and have some elbow room.

First Time to meet Agnes
Touch Down! Finally made the Final Goal!

Arrived at Dumaguete Airport and I am so happy to see at last the love of my life, Agnes. It has been a long wait, but I am truly Blessed as the rest of her family are there too and welcome me to their country and into their family.

moon cafe



Being that I never seem to get full, we ate first at the Moon Cafe, a Mexican kind of place, before going to Tanjay City, which is the hometown of my girlfriend and travel  time from Dumaguete City, to Tanjay City, will be 1 hour. The food was good but more excited and  happy that I am eating together with the beautiful love of  my life and her family, which is now also my extended family.


We are entering Tanjay City, which is part of  Negros Oriental, and  the place where Agnes, and the rest of her family lives.

Family time at Jolly Bee and meeting Gyan
Family time at Jolly Bee and meeting Gyan

jolly belly with gyan

Finally I meet Gyan, one of my Angel Team who has been working with me on all our projects, and who is the one who introduced Agnes and I. Many thanks to Gyan, for the introduction! 🙂

Jolly Bee
Finally, I get a Photo Op with the World Famous Jolly Bee!
Jolly Bee Spicy Chicken and Rice
Jolly Bee Spicy Chicken and Rice
jolly bee - manok
Should I share the Spicy Chicken, or, just keep it all? LOL

We always go to eat at Jollibee, as their hot and spicy chicken is so good. I love it so much, I nick named it – Jolly Belly! hahha   The burgers and egg roll things are really good as well. Hey, give it a try, you will be hooked as well!

Tanjay Board Walk
Tanjay Board Walk



We visit  “Tanjay Mangrove Boardwalk” in Negros Oriental. It is a relaxing and peaceful place, and you can see nature at its finest. It was lots of fun getting there as well, as we rode a motorcycle, which is the main mode of transportation in the Philippines.

Clear and beautiful water and sky - See for Miles and Miles!!!
Clear and beautiful water and sky – See for Miles and Miles!!!

This is the view at the end of the Boardwalk, which is an elevated walkway through out the area.




The long and elaborate boardwalk was quite impressive, as it traversed among the mangrove trees and plants, above the shallow waters. You will feel like you are lost in a paradise, leading to the open seas with a nice breeze helping you to stay cool. I enjoyed the place very much, especially that I’m with my special 5′ someone. Very nice and worth visiting place.

Headed to Church – Did I mention that she is 5′ and that I am 5′ 12″! 🙂


We are going to church. It is nice to go to church anytime, but even better when you are together with your loved ones.


Hayahay is right at the edge of the sea! Nice Breeze and can see for miles and miles! 🙂

After church we went to Dumaguete, to have our lunch there in Hayahay. The food was really good, especially the  shanghai rice, fish, shrimp, and squid/calamari.


After lunch, we visited Tierra Alta in Valencia, near Dumaguete. It is at a higher elevation, and we felt a little cooler with the breeze. This is a place we are considering to live. I just have my concerns about medical, as medical does not seem to be as good in the Philippines as it is in the USA.

Could be, as people live much longer there, as they do not eat all the processed garbage that we do and don’t have all the diseases we do, like being diabetic, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and on and on. A much healthier country, so, who know, maybe all my issues will disappear! 🙂

Tierra Alta
Sorry Guys, she is mine – I am amazed at the Beauty that I have been Blessed with to be my mate! God is Good! 🙂
Tierra Alta Family Time
Her mom and dad join in with the pictures, as her brother snaps the camera.


It is a nice highland scenic view where you can see the city of Dumaguete . The weather up higher is a little cooler, but still warmer than what I prefer, but I seemed to be pretty good with all the adjustments with the heat. I really enjoyed  the place so much together with Agnes, and the rest of the family.

I Love Dumaguete, Philippines
You will love Dumaguete, as well, so pack a bag, get adventurous and lets GO!!!!!!!!


I love Dumaguete, but Tanjay is my place, where I spent the most time. =)  Sure was nice to ride around town on the motorcycle, walk around holding hands and just enjoying each others company, and we even walked the dogs as well.

Wow, talk about a “Simple Stress Free Lifestyle”. You can sure do it in the Philippines, and it does not take that much money as well. It took a few days to get rested up and back to normal from the missed sleep and jet lag, but, I can assure you, it is a very affordable, low key, low stress place to live, and a great place to start a family! 🙂