My Trip to the Philippines - Part 2

My Trip to the Philippines – Part 2 – “Davao City”



Off  to Davao.


From Dumaguete to Cebu, then Cebu to Davao.

That silly Bee sure knows how to temp and tease me with that Awesome Spicy Chicken! That is a really good place to eat, and I like the burger platter as well.


At Davao City Airport.



Together with Irish and Kim we went to eat dinner at Vikings in SM City Lalang Davao. Nice place, and it was all you can eat. I encouraged all of them to keep eating, so we can get our moneys worth! LOL  Great place and good atmosphere, and the service was awesome as well.



I am happy to see Irish and Kim finally. We are all happy having a great time together, and I think we were all looking at a UFO in the top pic there, not sure now.

Yummy shrimps, tempura and many more. Did you see anything there that you think you want to try? Come on over to the Philippines, it is more fun there! 🙂



Yummy sweet desserts that I am sure they had to be diabetic friendly. I tried lots of different ones, as they were all looking great and tasting Totally Awesome! Talk about being full after I left is an understatement, as I am sure the folks inside was thinking: “Hey, when is he leaving, he has been here for over 2 hours and is eating all our profits!” hahahahaha



Soon after we left  we headed to Irish’s house to see where she lives, works and calls home in Davao.  It was nice to be able to finally meet Margaux as well, her doggy, who still had 2 puppies left from her litter. Margaux was not too sure of this strange guy in her house, but, she still greeted me and let me stay for a while! 🙂

So, we start the next day in Davao, looking for what? Yep, Yum Yumz! hahaha Going to try the Yellow Fin Restaurant, which was right across the street from the motel we stayed at.







Got to meet Presidential Candidate, Rodrigo Roa Duterte. That day, he was rather quiet and a little on the thin side, but, it was still nice to get the photo op. Oh, and being as nice and generous as he is, no charge for posing with us! 🙂


riding-a-boat1Boat in the River of Davao

Instead of crossing the Bangkerohan Bridge, commuters who want to travel from Magallanes riverside to SIR, New Matina riverside, vice versa can traverse the Davao River through these boats for two pesos per ride. I took several pics across, and if you think you have it rough here in the USA, then you need to see some of the housing and living conditions here in the Philippines.

They may not have the housing quality that we do, but, they sure have heart and love, and they value family over anything else. Hum, why do you think I went to the Philippines to get my wife? The qualities she has simply can’t be bought with money and it is really difficult to find in today’s world. I am very Fortunate, Truly Blessed and Super Happy as well.

Hi Mister Ronald Mc Donald! Nice to see you here in the Philippines. Yep, just clowning around at the mall, and decided that I can eat this clowns food any where, so skipped Mc Donalds the entire time in the Philippines.  But still wishing that I can bring Jolly Bee with me. Anyways bye for now Mc Do, as we are Headed to Jack’s Ridge.


At Jack’s Ridge, Davao City
This brilliant steel artwork by Lamberto “Obet” Acyatan that uses icons of the city to spell out the word “Davao” was unveiled at Jack’s Ridge rotunda as a landmark that showcases the best elements of Davao City.


Inscription of Jack’s Ridge: Making History in Davao City
The Inscription reads:
Jack’s Ridge: Making History in Davao City
The land on which Jack’s Ridge now stand once formed part of the headquarter of the retreating Japanese forces towards the end of the World War II. The Americans had landed in Davao on May 1, 1945, forcing the Japanese to tuck their tails and beat a path to Matina Hills where they had a commanding view of the Davao Gulf where the American ships were anchored. Fierce fighting soon erupted between the two forces, and as history shows us, the Japanese lost.
Today, more than half a century later, Jack’s Ridge is filled with reminders of its historic past. Caves dug by the Japanese linger in the area, and once in a while people still find bullets and other war materials in the rocky soil.
There is also talk that hidden somewhere in a cave are gold bullion and other treasure that the Japanese had taken from other countries and brought to Davao.


Prehistoric clam shells (Taklobo) which testify that the area was underwater millions of years ago.









The Amphitheater as they said is one of the most popular venues for garden weddings, and other business and social functions.


Check out this colossal assortment of Yum Yumz!


Seems like I was disappointed in the above pic. Perhaps, it looked so good, I just did not want to share with anyone!! hahaha  Silly me, yes, I shared with all and it was a great place to eat with lots of things to look at around the restaurant and the grounds.

Had our lunch in Zoofari’s Outback Grill,  which you can see a tail of a crashed plane on a roof of a jungle-themed restaurant. It’s not a real plane crash but  the spot that marks Zoofari’s Outback Grill, which is also  known for their scrumptious food and entertaining dining experience.


Riding a jeepney  going to People’s Park. As you may guess, it is not so easy for a 5’12” guy to ride in one of the Philippines favorite modes of public transportation.


People’s Park is a cultural-theme park located at the center of Davao City, and Durian Dome serves as the visitor’s center and main entrance which opens to the park. This spiky dome roof was artistically designed after the spiky shell of the Durian, a tropical fruit which Davao City is known for.


The park is covered with lush vegetation, with more than 1,000 species of plants from all over the world. It has been described as “one of the cleanest and greenest public parks” in the Philippines.



We love Davao City!  =)



Gigantic sculpture of  an Eagle and a scary sumo wrestler I would not want to get upset.