Big Foot Sighting – St. Louis, MO

I have heard of the elusive “Big Foot”. However, I had no idea that I would have the opportunity to actually be able to catch “Big Foot” on camera. Since I was driving where “Big Foot” was spotted many times in the past and since I was driving, the pictures are not all that clear. Hum, I guess we hear that from everyone, eh?¬†Also, I had no idea that “Big Foot” did not actually have no “Feet, or Foot” at all. Hum, is that false and misleading or what.

OK, I did have a clue that “Big Foot” was going to show today, as I have seen him several times in the past. So as I was headed through St. Louis, MO (Hazelwood to be exact) on the I-270 loop, I had my camera ready. Now it is documented proof that the elusive “Big Foot” does exist, and I have it on camera to prove it.

Hey looks like he is getting ready to get on the interstate. I hope everyone is out of his way! Sure don’t want to upset this guy!


Here he comes peaking around the corner of the building. Ha, Gottcha Big Foot!


Here “Big Foot” is trying to hide behind that sign. What a good picture that may have been. You know, that is just like an elephant trying to hide behind a squirrel. It just doesn’t work all that well.

Want to know more about “Big Foot”, “Ms Big Foot” and see even better pictures of “Big Foot 5” and to see the creator Bob Chandler himself, check out “Big Foots” official web site. Hey, there is even videos for your viewing pleasure. He who said you can’t capture “Big Foot” on camera has obviously not tried!