300 Watt Home Made Boom Box – Dismantled

Monday, 27 December 2010 – By Bernie

Well, I knew it would come some day in the future. I had to dismantle my 300 watt home made boom box. So why did I build my own? Well, for one, I had everything I needed with out any out of pocket expense. I also like to keep my stuff on my IPOD and Flash Drives, and the CD deck I have for the van has those options. So, it made sense to try and come up with a way to put it in the big rig.

Most companies don’t want you messing with their trucks, and even if they didn’t care, my deck does not fit most trucks anyway. So, why not build one to fit my needs.

To start the project, I had a 10″ sub box that I used in my blue van. I bought most of these goodies back in 1998 or so. The CD deck and that pair of separates were bought in probably 2008. Anyway, I screwed a couple of 2 X 4’s on the side and made some flat face plates with some cabinet grade plywood. I cut holes in the top for the speakers, and bolted the tweeters on the front. Where you see the IPOD in that rectangle opening is where I put the EQ that you see in my “Condo On Wheels”.

On the back of the sub box is where I screwed on the purple 300 watt amp I am using for my separates. See the pic for a better understanding.



Once I had this beast created and put together, I got to thinking that the cord you see there is not going to be big enough for all that power needed for the amp, and I really doubt if any cigarette lighter plug in is going to have enough power to keep it all going. So, I took off the amp, 10″ sub speaker and the EQ and went with what you see above.

I used the inside of the box to store CD’s, my IPOD and the black case holds my USB Flash Drives. You can see I have one flash drive in the deck now, and there is an IPOD plug in right below the USB port. I kept this thing steady in the truck with the black rubber strap you see inside the box.

It strapped around the box to the passenger seat and worked like a charm. I know the deck claims 50 watts of power, but 10 or so is probably a lot more realistic for the output. In any case, it sounded pretty good for a bare bones setup.



So there you have a simple but yet effective and recyclable portable Sony boom box. I know it is not going to win a beauty contest, but it sure sounds better than any boom box I have ever owned!

PS I doubt if you will ever see Sony mass producing a Portable Boom Box like this!