Power Plant – Step 1

Monday, 04 October 2010 – By Bernie

Yehaw!!!! I have made some progress on the “Solar Power Plant” for my “Condo On Wheels”, or “COW” for short. I have been looking for several years as I have been doing my research from my Lay-Z-Boy recliner, and I found a company in Flagstaff, AZ that had really good prices. I finally stopped in there several months ago and chatted with them. They were so helpful and was eager to answer all my questions and even went out to my “COW” to check the isolator that I already have on it to see if it was working and coming up with other ideas that I had not thought of, yet!

This company is “Northern Arizona Wind & Sun.” This time I talked with Mike, and we made our first purchase to get step 1 underway. Brother Mike even helped me carry the items out to my truck. Thanks Bro!



So what did I purchase this first time through? I got:

1) 1 135 Watt 12 volt Solar Panel. It is 5′ long and 27″ wide. Isn’t it a beauty!



2) I got 1 Charge Controller by Morning Star that is good for 2 of the above solar panels.


3) I bought a package of 4 mounting brackets for the Solar Panel.

Grand total so far: $556

I have not got a chance to install any of the items, but I am sure looking forward to it. Once I get all the above installed, plus my helper springs that I am still waiting for, then I can go back to get the batteries and the correct length of wires to hook it all up. Once this happens, I can then get my “Sound Therapy” going, as I at times like to “Feel” my music, if ya know what I mean. Hey, if I have to explain it, you probably wouldn’t understand!

Below is an item I bought back in June of 2001. It has never been hooked up, and it is still new in the box. I bought this to put in my truck, but most companies will not let you hook up inverters of this size. Oh well. I sure hope it is not a lemon.

It is a 1750 Inverter that I was going to use to power a fridge and microwave. I probably won’t have a fridge in the “COW”, but I will have a micro-wave and a few other things that I may find handy to use on occasion.

Here is that wonderful Inverter.


Here is the DC (Battery Power) end.


Here is the AC (house hold current) end.