Rust Holes Fixed

Tuesday, 14 September 2010 – By Bernie

Don’t you just hate it when your house starts to rust? I sure do, so I set out to fix it before I left Indiana. The necessary tools are a welder, grinder, a cut off wheel grinder, some replacement steel, bondo and lots of patience. I can’t find all the pictures I took as this progressed, but I will add them if I find them. I did have a computer crash, so I am wondering if that is where they where stored.

Here is the original hole before I started. Pretty nasty looking, eh?


With some careful cutting with a cut off wheel, that’s just a fancy name for a rather small grinder with a thin cutting disk, we get the results you see below. You can see the little piece of metal that is left over sitting there below the hole. Since this area is a small and between the 2 doors, it takes some extra attention that you don’t sand/grind off the paint of either of the doors.


Once you get your metal sized just right, you can start welding it in as close to the original shape, size and placement as the metal that was cut out. Once it is in, just use bondo to make up the difference. Then it is time to do some sanding, and in most cases, applying more bondo.

This is where all the patience comes in. Once you get it all shaped and smoothed just the way you want it, then prime and paint. Hopefully, it looks OK and you are happy with what you have just done. Since it is such a small area, I did not bother to buy 2 cans of brown paint just to fix the small stripes. It is not all that noticeable, and I think it looks so much better.