Stereo Amps

Tuesday, 14 September 2010 – By Bernie

Once I get my power plant installed in my “Condo On Wheels”, I can get my “Sound Therapy” going. Yeah, at times I want to “FEEL” what I am listening to. The CD deck I have for my van is in my big rig, so I think I will just buy another deck.

I have had these amps for about 14 years now. They are still pretty much brand new, cause I have not had enough power to pump both of these amps. The smaller one, 300 watts, has got some use and sounds pretty good.

Now, when I talk watts, I am referring to RMS watts. These are true watts, and not PEAK watts like most people and sellers promote. RMS is a measurement that states what your amp will put out on a consistent basis, like all day, instead of a “Burst” or “Peak” rating.

Should you decide to add an amp, there is always both ratings on the box, however, it is the peak and misleading rating that is being promoted. Also, the rms/peak rating will vary depending on the ohms as well. In my opinion, I think it is safer to go with RMS Watts when you are creating your system, so stay consistent in your measurements.

OK, here is my 300 watt small amp. 75 RMS watts per channel X 4 channels. I use this one to power my separates. Once you try separate speakers, you will not go back to one piece speakers whether they are rounds or 6 X 9’s. The sound is so much better, and louder as well. I don’t have pics of my separates, as someone decided that they needed them worse than me, so I will have to buy some more. I will post them when I save my pennies for them.

To get the bass kicking, you got to have some serious power. I have not had enough power to keep this amp going. However, once I get my solar system installed, I should be able to use it with out a problem. The big amp puts out 225 watts RMS per channel, or you can “Bridge” the channels and get 600 RMS watts.

To bridge the channels just means that you take 2 channels of the amp and make it a 1 channel amp. You can still hook up more than one speaker, but they do need to have the same specifications on ratings. Since I have 2 10″ subs, one Sony and one JL Audio, both of different manufacture and ohm ratings, I am hooking them up to their own separate channel.

You can also see the separate fuse box right there at the base of the amp. I just don’t think you can have to much safety going on when it comes to keeping your house from going up in flames.

Once I get this all set up, I will report back on how it sounds. With a total of 750 RMS watts, hopefully, it will give me a massage, but not a black eye!