Well, I have been wanting to try Zeke’s for a while now, and I attempted the Prescott Zeke’s once, at 5:30 for supper and they were already closed. Man, what a disappointment. I have had several people tell me that the Chicken Fried Steak is really good and it is huge! So, nothing but a disappointment that night, so off I went to a Mexican restaurant that was on the way back to work.

So, last night I am taking a couple of friends out to supper. These are the nice folks that invited me into their home to get out of the cold. They actually practice what they preach and give when they can. They have had some really awesome blessings in their lives, and they simply want to “Pay It Forward” to bless someone else in need.

Lets meet Garry and Lori. I work with Garry at Prescott Transit and that is how we met up here in Prescott. It was rather difficult to get the both of them to pose and smile for just a second as they were rather busy laughing, eating and simply enjoying life and having an absolutely wonderful time.

So, since they are so wonderful to me, I try to do what I can to help out, and so far it has been Monday Nights that I take them out to supper so she does not have to cook or do dishes.

Lets get on with what we all ordered. We started out with the drinks and an appetizer plate. That plate had Fired Zuchini, Cheeze Stickz, Chicken Chunks, Onion Rings and a Loaded Cheezy Baked Tater. We were all having such a good time I just about did not get a picture snapped by the time we got all this little treat all snapped up.


Now on with the main plates. Lets start with Lori. She got the steak and tater meal deal with a partial ear of corn. I think it was a sirloin. Looks good from here. She also got the spicy bean and sausage soup. Her and Garry both liked it, and said they would do that again.


Garry could not make up his mind if he wanted a Cheeze Burger or Chili Soup. So, he went down the middle of the road and got a “Chili Cheeze Burger” in a bowl. Yeah, they start with the bottom bun in the bowl, gently and strategically place the burger on the bun, then top with Chili, Cheeze & Onions. Man, have you seen such a large Chili Cheeze Burger? Garry snapped it right up and bagged up nothing to take home.


Want fries with that Chili Cheeze Burger? Sure, since they come with it. Look at this Super Bowl Party sized heap of Fries! Good thing Garry was starved!


OK, so what did I get? Well the Chicken Fried Steak of course. I was told it was absolutely delicious and really huge. Many told me I was not going to be able to eat it all. Hum, guess they don’t know me. Anyway, here it comes and I just can’t wait to dig in.


Hum, super sized portion, eh? Well, maybe for the “Little People”. Did I order off the wrong menu? Perhaps people just don’t know what “Mammoth Portions” are. Geez, what a disappointment this was. Yes, it was OK, however, it was no where as good as people told me it was going to be. Oh look, half an ear of corn. Geez, with the price of these plates, don’t you think you could spring for the whole 10cent ear of corn?

I had a choice of soup or salad. I picked the Chicken Noodle soup which was really good and I got the Corn Bread. Lori opted for some kind of Cheeze Bread, but I don’t have a picture of that. Look at all that butter I just added. What a treat.


Anyway, I snapped it all up and bagged up nothing to go, but I won’t be going back to Zeke’s. Well over priced for what you get, and all I can say to the folks that are going Ga Ga over this Chicken Fried Steak is: “You Need To Get Out More Often To Better Places”.

I guess this is the problem for me since I have traveled the lower 48 states and have had the best, and worse of foods all across this great country. I am not saying that Zeke’s has bad food, I am just saying that there is way better places out there for better and bigger Chicken Fried Steak Meal Deals!